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Sharon BuMann / Sculptor

BuMann Sculpture Studio
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"God grants everyone the ability to dream and

 make choices.  My dream, my choice, my passion,

has been to work as a professional artist from a very

young age."


Simply stated, " I love what I do!"


Sharon BuMann began working as a professional sculptor in 1977. She holds an Associates Degree  in Graphic Arts,  a BFA in Sculpture, post graduate credits from Lyme Academy and University of Hartford Connecticut.  She has continually takes workshops, travels and prides herself on the vast amount of independent study  and research that goes into her work.  Life long learning is the philosophy she lives by.

 As a sculptor involved in public art, BuMann feels she is a vehicle for converting intangible concepts  into tangible forms.  Over her long career Sharon has worked in a variety of materials.  Her favored medium is bronze.  Her creations range in size from miniature to monumental.  She is known for the uncompromised energy put forth to achieve the finest expression of vision and execution possible.   Be it simply a narrative genre; equine, historic, or figurative, the spirit of BuMann's sculptures captivate her audiences. Her public commissions are widely hailed . Her personal works have been collected and  honored in various shows and competitions throughout the United States and abroad.  BuMann's current  works include traditional  bronze sculpture,  life-size butter sculptures, and restoration of existing bronze monuments.

BuMann believes it is important to take time to share her knowledge and experience through lecturing and teaching.  BuMann Sculpture Studios expanded in 2001 to include TRS (Technical Restoration Service) dedicated to the restoration of existing bronzes plaques and freestanding monuments. 

Sharon BuMann  was born and raised in Central New York State, near the shores of Oneida Lake.  She married George C. Bumann in 1972, and together they raised two children. Her son, George B. Bumann is a naturalist and sculptor in Gardiner,  MT.  Her daughter, Amy is a medical professional in Buffalo,  NY.


"God grants everyone the ability to dream and

 make choices.  My dream my choice, my passion, has been

 to work as a professional artist from a very

young age."


Simply stated, " I love what I do!"

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