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Guinness World Record  ... “Largest Butter Sculpture”

Attempt was completed 9/28/2013... Guinness Validation 10/25/2018.

It seemed like a long haul but FINALLY I have received the words I have been waiting for for 5 years!  My attempt was a sculpture of “Big Tex”, State Fair of Texas  Icon.  He and his fans were 4,077.85 pounds of pure  unsalted  butter.  It was a solo adventure for me!    See the video on You Tube....

Next the “20 Years of Butter” book of adventures.  There will be a few scaled models of my favorite butter sculptures  coming. 

     Dr. Mary Edwards  Walker

Only woman to ever win a Congressional Medal of Honor.  She was one of the first few women in the United States to receive a Medical Degree.  Mary served as a surgeon during the  American Civil War.  Additionally she was a strong supporter of women’s dress reform.  Mary Walker grew-up in the Town of Oswego, NY, where she eternally rests today.

Mary Walker to speak out again!

14” Clay pattern designed for Pre-cast concrete  signage for  the New York State Police barracks

The whimsey of “Esquire Moose” relaxing in the Adirondack Mountains, reading NYS law books

“Riveropoly  ”Eight miniature game pieces, representing elements found near the St. Lawrence River.  Cast in pewter used as game movers for a unique game of Monopoly. The game was designed  as a fund raiser  for River Hospital, Alexandrea Bay.



Esquire Moose...

“Tex” Simone

One of the biggest Baseball supporters in

the Central New York Area.  His image now graces the  balcony of Alliance Bank Stadium

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Sir David Dozing... Clay study

NYS State Seal

Soon to be released...

Elizabeth "Libba" Cotten

Folk music notable.  Grammy award winning artist at age 84 years old.  Libba coined a style of playing called, "Cotten Picking".  She performed with many well known musicians as Pete and Mike Seeger.

"Libba"  now  has final residence in "Libba's Grove"', a park named in her honor, located in Syracuse, NY.